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About Us.

About Us.

Technology for Social Health Impact

Miracle Advance Technology Co. Ltd., a leading provider of cutting-edge technological solutions for the healthcare industry. With a strong commitment to innovation and excellence, we strive to revolutionize, automate and enhance patient care.

Bring Synergy between
the data and the people

Our Passion & Our Vision

2008 - till today

Our Journey of 16 Years

Since 2008, we’ve been dedicated in creating innovative, customer-focused software solutions, reflected in our acclaimed Radiology Workflow Management System.
Our strategic partnerships and pioneering Cloud Radiology system have revolutionized workflow support in Thailand.

Our advanced Endoscopy IT System proves our commitment to improving healthcare efficiency. Guided by principles of honesty, stability, and gratitude, we consistently aim to adapt and serve our customers better, showcasing our industry expertise.

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