Miracle Advance Technology's Fight for Community During the Times of COVID-19 - Miracle Advance Technologies


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Thailand in early 2020, it caused widespread disruption to the country’s healthcare system, leaving rural areas without support and care. Then we rose to the challenge, undeterred.


Converting vans into mobile clinics with diagnostic tools and devices, we reached the hardest hit field hospitals, quarantines, and rural villages left without care. Working around the clock with NGOs, the DEC project was born to screen remotely using tablets.

Patients simply registered. Exams were digitally captured and analyzed via AI as doctors reviewed from afar, protecting communities. Over 500,000 received checkups a critical alternative to overwhelmed facilities. Waiting dropped from hours to minutes.

Activity of Miracle Advance Technologies During Covid 19



Seeing firsthand technology’s power to strengthen public health stirred Miracle’s humanitarian spirit. While others charged, we covered costs and focused solely on serving the underserved. Our selfless efforts proved even pandemics couldn’t vanquish compassion.

When the crisis passes, our work continues, innovating new ways to broaden healthcare access for all. By sharing our skills freely, they remind us that in our darkest hours, empathy and goodwill can light the way forward, as one community helping another.


  • Mobile Clinics
  • Remote Screening
  • AI Analysis
  • Swift Checkups
  • Video conferencing

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